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Co-founder of ‘StopFake’ project reports about main tendencies in the Kremlin propaganda

October 23, 2014

Mutation of the Kremlin propaganda – traditional translation issues and tendency to expand further

Co-founder of ‘StopFake’ project reports about main tendencies in the Kremlin propaganda

Margo Gontar, co-founder of the ‘StopFake’ project presented a set of fresh fakes by Russian propaganda during her briefing at the Ukraine Media Crisis Center.

StopFake project has been existing for more than half a year already. Its editors find fakes of Kremlin propaganda and disclose truth about them. The project editors issue one video per week and, in addition, give interviews at Ukrainian Media channels to attract more attention to the issue of disclosing poisoning lies.


According to ‘StopFake’ editors, Russian Media has a traditional ‘translation issue’. Russian TV channels often usage footage videos in English and other languages and give wrong translation to them. This give possibility to spread lies that hardly someone would be persistent enough to check.

This time Margo Gontar reported about Russian Media Channel One broadcasting part of the press briefing of the US State Department representative Jen Psaki. Russian media shoved it as though US financed Hong Kong revolution [thus media could represent USA as universal financer of revolutions all over the globe]. The report shows that Jen Psaki answers positively to the question of the journalist whether US has told Hong Kong demonstrates leaders how to spend money they have received from US officials. In reality, Jen Psaki does not give positive answer to that question.

Margo Gontar mentioned that ‘StopFake’ project experiences negligence from Ukrainian government. It is unacceptable in the conditions of current information war. The Kremlin propaganda is mutating and developing further. According to Margo, the TV channel ‘Russian Today’ has plans to widen its broadcasting in European countries – France and Germany is particular. In this situation Ukraine is in urgent need of new information strategy to counteract poisonous Russian propaganda.




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