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Checkpoint inspection found alcoholic beverages transported to Donbas under the guise of humanitarian aid +[PHOTO PROOF]

December 16, 2014

Member of checkpoint inspection in Eastern Ukraine: what kind of humanitarian aid is this if people have to pay money for it?

inspection of checkpoints

Yesterday, on December 15, 5 new MPs – Semen Semenchenko, Yegor Sobolev, Taras Pastuh, Dmytro Dobrodomov and Volodymyr Parasiuk went to east of Ukraine in order to inspect checkpoints of Ukrainian servicemen after a scandal with delivery of humanitarian aid to the territories controlled by terrorists.

Further checkpoint inspection of checkpoints proved that it had a point.

Volodymyr Parasiuk, one of members of the inspection, has written the following on December 16, 2014.

Alcoholic beverages instead of baby food

Today they have inspected goods detained by servicemen of ‘Donbas’ regiment near the town of Lysychansk. They have again received accusations of dooming poor children and pensioners of Donbas for starvation.

checkpoint inspection - examination of truck with the so-called humanitarian aid

However, the interior of the trucks did not demonstrate any hint of children goods. On the contrary, the load consisted of horilka [vodka], cognac, beer, cigarettes and champagne. Mr. Parasiuk supposes that the last one is to treat children in kindergartens on New Year’s Eve. The only baby food they encountered was semolina, which passed through the checkpoint yesterday.

Parasiuk examins the truck with claimed food for Donabas children

Fake humanitarian aid as means to sponsor terrorist in Donbas

None of transporters could give clear explanation about the final destination of goods.

If this is a humanitarian aid, there should be mechanism of its delivery to civilians. On the contrary, the loads are partially delivered to terrorist warehouses and partially to local shops where they are sold to locals.

So, first of all, what kind of humanitarian aid is this if people have to pay money? Secondly, the territories are occupied and businessmen do not pay taxes to Ukrainian budget for selling goods.


Goods are exported from Ukraine to occupied Donbas where all business is covered by terrorists. Correspondingly, the money is spent on financing of terrorism. Terrorists buy military equipment and weapons to kill Ukrainian servicemen.

Mr. Parasiuk underlines, that the checkpoint inspection arrived there to stop this mess. There should be a clear mechanism of help do Donbas residents. However, they would not allow financing of terrorism in Donbas.


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