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Ceasefire regime violated 30 times per one night

January 9, 2015

4 soldiers killed during the last day

Ceasefire regime violated 30 times per one night

Losses of Ukrainian Armed Forces during the last day

During the last 24 hours Ukraine lost 4 defenders of its lands. 8 more soldiers were wounded.

Spokesperson of anti-terrorist operation colonel Andiry Lysenko reported this during press briefing in Kyiv.

‘During the day we lost four our hero warriors, 8 more got wounded’, – said Mr.Lysenko.

Russian-terrorist troops violated ceasefire more than 30 times per one night

The situation in zone of anti-terrorist operation became much more complex in course of the last night.

Press service of ATO informed this on Facebook.

Illegal armed groups violated the ceasefire and significantly increased number of attacks at positions of ATO forces with heavy military equipment. Russian-terrorist forces used mortars and artillery, including multiple rocket launcher systems ‘Grad’, to shell positions of Ukrainian troops.

During the last positions of our forces were shelled 34 times using different types of weapon. In general, in course of the last day Russian-terrorist troops violated the ceasefire regime 50 times.

Flying of drones over different parts of ATO zone was registered 8 times.

Source:, headquarters of anti-terrorist operation

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