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Ceasefire agreement – Debaltsevo shelled more intensively

February 16, 2015

Russian-terrorist forces started to violate the new ceasefire agreement since its very establishment. Some positions are shelled even more intensively.

Ceasefire agreement – Debaltsevo shelled more intensively

Here is an operative data from experts of ‘Information Resistance’ group concerning the current situation in Eastern Ukraine.

Russian-terrorist troops grossly violate the ceasefire agreement

The regime of ceasefire was announced at 00.00 on February 15. Yesterday terrorists repeatedly grossly violated the ceasefire agreement by shelling positions of Ukrainian troops and civilian objects.

Since the start of ceasefire the first fire strike was delivered at the same night. The howitzer battery of terrorists opened fire.

Debaltsevo under attack

In addition to numerous cases of shelling, since middle of Sunday, Friday 15, terrorists repeatedly attempted to conduct offense activity. Ukrainian troops fire exclusively in response. The most difficult situation was registered in Debaltsevo.

In particular, there were several attempts to attack Ukrainian troops near village of Chernukhino. Near the village of Novogrygorivka terrorists tried to encircle two Ukrainian checkpoints. In course of battle 2 enemy’s tank detonated on mine and one infantry fighting vehicle was destroyed with anti-tank guided missile. The crew of the vehicle was destroyed as well.

Meanwhile local fighters and sub-units of Russian armed forces shelled Ukrainian positions near Debaltsevo with cannon artillery and multiple rocket launcher systems. Sometimes the firing was even more intense that before the establishment of another ceasefire.

 Russian-terrorist forces regroup to Horlivka or ceasefire agreement by terrorists

The enemy regrouped its forces. 2 battalion tactical groups of Russian-terrorist forces were sent to the town of Horlivka. The tactical groups were strengthened with armored group – about 900 people in total, 25 tanks, 32 armored combat vehicles, up to 20 vehicles, 2 mortar batteries, 2 batteries of cannon artillery, 6 howitzers D-30 and anti-tank guns.

Ukrainian positions located in Donetsk and Luhansk direction were repeatedly shelled as well. The shelling was conducted using small arms, mortars, tanks, cannon artillery and multiple rocket launcher systems.

 Mariupol direction

Before the announcement of new ceasefire regime, Ukrainian artillery repeatedly shelled units of Russian-terrorist forces that were trying to attack them. Since the moment the fire was ceased Ukrainian artillery did not shell any more. Russian-terrorist forces used this opportunity to deliver fire strikes at detected positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces. Simultaneously they drove their armored vehicles closer to the front line.

Experts of ‘Information Resistance’ group registered increase of cases of looting at checkpoints of Donetsk People’s Republic [DNR]. Fighters openly rob civilians saying that the stopped receiving their wages and have to feed themselves in this way.


Source: coordinator of ‘Information Resistance’ group, head of center of military and political studies, MP Dmitriy Tymchuk

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