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The so-called nomadic multiple rocket launcher systems of the enemy near Horlivka

November 18, 2014

Group of 400 concentrated near Uglehirsk

 The so-called nomadic multiple rocket launcher systems of the enemy near Horlivka

Here is an operative data from experts of Information Resistance group about current situation in Eastern Ukraine.

There continues transferring of small number fighter groups to the area of settlements of Elenovka and Novotroitsk and to the towns of Horlivka and Yenakievo in order to complete strike tactical groups concentrated in this area.

Group of fighters consisting of 400 people is concentrated near Uglehirsk. The group disposes of artillery (10-12) units and armored military equipment (up to 15 units including 5 tanks). This tactical group has reserve of 300 fighters located in Makiivka. In addition, the reserve disposes of armored military equipment (up to 10 units). They regularly shell Debaltsevo bridgehead with artillery from north-east position near this settlement.

In town of Alchevsk and Perevalsk experts register appearance of vehicles with wounded fighters and Russian servicemen.

There continues maneuver of forces and equipment of the so-called brigade ‘Prizrak [ghost]’ near Stakhanov.

Experts register the so-called nomadic multiple rocket launcher systems near the town of Horlivka (up to 3 systems). After delivering fire strike MRLS change their positions. In addition in this area fighters use at least 4 tanks in hostilities (5 more are being repaired).

In the area of town of Mariupol, after unsuccessful attempts to detect and suppress Ukrainian artillery sub-units, fighters have ceased attempts to ‘force Kalmius’ near Pavlopol. Meanwhile there continues mortar shelling of settlement of Hranitne, Talakivka and Cominternovo.

Fighters concentrate forces in four settlements in zone of anti-terrorist operation [ATO map]

Previously we informed that total number of ceasefire regime violations violations by Russian-terrorist forces exceeds 3 000.

Source: coordinator of ‘Information Resistance’ group Dmytro [Dmitriy] Tymchuk

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