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The so-called government of LNR does not control its fighters, – Moskal

October 30, 2014

The government of LNR does not control its territory

The so-called government of LNR does not control its fighters, - Moskal

Head of Luhansk Regional State Administration Hennadiy Moskal said this in an interview to ‘Ukrainian Pravda’ newspaper.

‘One part of territory [the town of Antratsyt] is controlled by group of Nikolai Kozitsyn, another – 320-nd pseparate body of Donsk troop, another part is under control of the National Guard of the Gread Donsk troop, the town of Alchevsk is under control of gang of Alexey Mozgovoy’, – says Moskal.

According to him, LNR Luhansk People’s Republic does not control those fighters that encircled checkpoint #32 of forces of anti-terrorist operation.

‘Representatives of OSCE that came to the checkpoint #32 called to LNR government and they responded that they do not control the groups that had encircled Ukrainian militants’, – Moskal mentioned.

Moskal also said that he was assigned to govern Luhansk oblast when it was in critical conditions.

‘I received region uncontrolled from the point of view of Ukrainian statehood. We had settlements where there were no state councils – all local government had escaped. We are the only one oblast with non-functioning State Council’.


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