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Britain demands Russia to immediately stop military actions in Ukraine

Sir Mark Lyall Grant, the UK Representative of the UN has urged the Russian Federation to immediately stop military actions in Ukraine. He stated this at an emergency UN Security Council meeting on the Ukrainian question. “This is violation of the integrity, sovereignty, inviolability, groundless actions. We do not see any attempts to justify these actions, there is neither persecution of Russian speaking citizens, nor anti-Semitism , nor the desecration of churches – all is fabricated to justify the actions of the Russian Federation. To control a part of the territory is violation of obligations. It is prohibited by the second article of the UN Charter. Russia does not fulfill its obligations under the Helsinki Final Act and the OSCE .

Russia says that it was Yanukovych, who began this intervention. We say that this president has caused the deaths of over 90 people, led the country to an economic abyss. Instead, the Ukrainian government is legitimate. If there is a violation of the international law, we can expect resistance. The RF should not be surprised to know that their authority is already decreasing. Whereas the Ukrainian government acts wisely and carefully in order not to give a reason for the deployment of military actions. We urge the Russian Federation to stop military activities and not to go to any other area of the country.

Military intervention is not the way to resolve certain disputes, Russia must maintain a dialogue with Kiev and not to choose who they like. it is necessary to keep to the Budapest Memorandum – it says how to consult – this is what should happen.
We must find ways of using the OSCE and other international representatives. We now hope that the Deputy Secretary General of the UN will be able to get to the Crimea. This is neither 1956 nor 1968. Now it is impossible to make grounds using false arguments for overt aggression, we must compete for Ukraine to be united and prosperous, “- the British representative said at the meeting of the UN Security Council.

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