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‘Bride of war’ – dress for Ukrainian participant of Miss Universe contest

December 29, 2014

Ukrainian competitor at Miss Universe and concept of her outfit

Bride of war

Ukrainian designer, founder of Ukrainian clothing brand ‘RUTA’ Liudmyla Bushynska told about idea and process of creation of dress for Ukrainian competitor of Miss Universe. Model Diana Harkusha will represent Ukraine at the most prestigious international beauty contest Miss Universe – 2014.

‘Bride of war’ – dress for Ukrainian participant of Miss Universe contest

The events of the last year have influenced the concept of the dress. Social and political conflicts, war, deaths of hundreds of people in Ukraine are reflected in the outfit made for the contest.

The dress is called ‘Bride of War’, it identifies Ukraine with the image of young beautiful girl who grieves and mourns her lover who has died at war defending his motherland.

‘This was the call of my soul. I tried to reflect my vision of situation in the country, my mood using available artistic means’, – designer Bushynska commented.

Since the contest will be broadcasted all around the world, the dress becomes kind of appeal and challenge. The idea of its creation is to remind the world about what is happening in Ukraine now, tell about trials Ukrainian people go through.

‘In particular, I wanted to attract attention of Americans. I intended to show how Ukraine needs support and help now’, – the designer mentioned.

‘Bride of war’ – dress for Ukrainian participant of Miss Universe contest

The dress is symbolically decorated and made in two colors – black and red. The outfit is decorated with red poppies. Since ancient times these flowers are presented in Ukrainian costumes and wreaths, they symbolize grief for the dead. In addition, this flower is an officially recognized symbol of mourning in Europe and the world.

The dress is decorated with plakhta – traditional element of national dress made of fabric with ethnic ornament and embroidered with geometric pattern on the edge.



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