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Breaking the Silence: New Ukrainian Video Poetry

We invite you to enjoy the surreal ambience of the five original Ukrainian video poems.

Breaking the Silence (2017)is a cycle composed of five video poems united by their meditative atmosphere and otherworldly visual imagery. The project was put into life by PicOi LIVE Production. It consolidates under its umbrella poetic works of well-known Ukrainian poets of the younger generation: Lesyk Panasyuk, Ella Yevtushenko, Taras Malkovych, Daryna Gladun and Bogdan-Oleg Gorobchuk. The authors of the musical accompaniment are Endless Melancholy (original version) and Жене Слов’ян&CB1 (festival version). Young Ukrainian actors who became ‘video voices’ of the project have managed to visualize and maximize the haunting emotional effect these poems have upon the audience. The project is trying to achieve two main goals: to popularize modern Ukrainian poetry and to support the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Project`s official webpage:

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