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Brave servants of Russian propaganda

Literature and cinematography as tools of Russian propaganda

Artists as brave servants of Russian propaganda

Today lots of people don’t watch TV or read news, thus they might be not so vulnerable to Russian aggressive propaganda. However, they cannot avoid it completely. Russian propaganda has spread widely on the other spheres. For example, there is number of Russian writers creating propaganda works. One of them Mikhail Starikov. The message of his works – the USA are guilty of everything. In particular, in his last book ‘Ukraine. Chaos and revolution – the weapon of dollar’ he advances the idea that destruction of Ukraine that took place after the coup d’état was made by special forces of the USA.

‘Ukraine. Chaos and revolution – the weapon of dollar
 ‘Ukraine. Chaos and revolution – the weapon of dollar

Another Russian writer – Dmitriy Belyaev. His book ‘Destruction in heads. Informative war against Russia’ brings the message that all information that exposes Russia as aggressor is lies. Sergey Plekhanov’s book ‘Novorossia [New Russia]. Recovered from the ashes’ unifies all the Kremlin versions of ‘true history’. ‘When Ukrainian chauvinists seized power in Kyiv and openly declared procession against all Russian, Novorossia faced them and is currently fighting not only for its survival but for the future of all Russians.

‘Novorossia [New Russia]. Recovered from the ashes
 ‘Novorossia [New Russia]. Recovered from the ashes’

Russian bookstores are full of such propaganda. One can easily find books bearing titles like these: ‘Stepan Bandera and fate of Ukraine’, ‘All the truth about Ukrainian rebellion army’, ‘How to set Ukraine against Russia. Myth about ‘Stalin’s famine’, ‘Who has destroyed Ukraine?’, ‘Ukraine – permanent devastation’, ‘Real Ukrainian state’, ‘Defense of Donbas’ Igor Strelkov – nightmare of banderovist hunta’.

Despite literature propaganda has spread itself on filmmaking. In November this year there will be premier of Russian film with speaking title ‘The truth’. We have already informed about this film. It tells [who would doubt that] about courageous rebels and bloody Kyiv troops fighting against each other. Bloody punishers kill honest Russian journalists and brave rebels hurry up to save them.

 ‘The truth’.
 Shot from Russian propaganda movie ‘The truth’.

There is another prominent example of cynicism. Russian TV channel ‘Smile of a child’ has shown a cartoon that tells about Ukrainian aviation that bombs Donbas. Several dozens of children participated in creation of the cartoon. They have fled from Donbas and now live as refugees in Rostov oblast [Russia].


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