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Border guards stop terrorist groups violating Ukrainian border

August 25, 2014

Continuing cases of violation of Ukrainian border from Russian territory

Border guards stop terrorist groups violating Ukrainian border

This was reported by Spokesman of Information Centre of National Security and Defense Council Colonel Andriy Lysenko during a press briefing in Kyiv.

This night there were 19 artillery shots at the positions of Ukrainian border guards in Luhansk oblast from the territory of Russian Federation

There continue to appear cases of violation of Ukrainian border. Thu yesterday from 07.30 pm to 08.10 pm there was armed clash of sub-unit of Ukrainian border guards and terrorists group. The frontier guards detected them with the help of thermal imaging device. The terrorists were moving from Russian territory with backpacks and weapon. As a result of the fight terrorists were forced to retreat.

Also yesterday border guards found a group of terrorists consisting of 10 people who had crossed Ukrainian border. The fight was started, some terrorists were destroyed, the remaining part retreated to Russian territory.

Russian Federation continues to carry out reconnaissance using drones. They were registered at border areas in Luhasnk and Kherson oblasts.

Source: NSDC

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