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Bob Corker, US Senator from Tennessee: I Encourage the West to Impose the Sector-based Sanctions on Russia Now


Kyiv, 24 April 2014 – The Obama administration is making the same mistakes in Ukraine as it did in Syria, said Bob Corker, US Senator from Tennessee, the Ranking Member of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee during a press conference at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

The Senator criticized the U.S. approach to the crisis, which he sees as failing to give Ukraine the equipment it needs and failing to impose sanctions on Russia that would change Putin’s behavior. For Corker, the administration’s approach of talking tough but then not backing it up with action is a repeat of what he had seen in the administration’s policy toward Syria.

“We know that Russia is using black ops to foment problems inside Ukraine, we are stating that publicly, and yet we are not doing anything about it,” Mr. Corker said. “Geneva negotiations turned out to be nothing but a 30 minutes discussion. This only proves that Putin does not respond much to talking, he will continue to do what he is doing unless the price for his actions becomes too heavy to pay. Russian economy is very vulnerable right now and we are to take steps that could change his behavior”.

“For many countries the U.S. is a world leader and I’m concerned about the message we as a nation are sending. We talk tough but then really don’t do anything to protect Ukrainians in their time of need,”- senator said.

During his visit, Bob Corker met the members of the interim government and was very impressed with their determination. “I have never met an executive leader who would impress me more than a current Prime Minister of Ukraine. He is committed to bring a positive change to his country regardless of all the difficulties he has to face”.

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