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Bilateral Ukraine and USA trainings in the Black Sea

September 8, 2014

Russia is trying to destabilize situation in other countries

Bilateral Ukraine and USA trainings in the Black Sea

Colonel Andriy Lysenko, spokesperson for Informational and Analytical Centre for National Security and Defense Council, reported this.

Russia is trying to destabilize situation not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries. According to statement of the former Minister of Interior Affairs of Republic of Mildova G. Kosovan there are the so-called ‘green men’ at the territory of Moldova. Those green men recruit young people and teach them methods of disinformation, actions in emergencies and use of small arms. According to Kosovan 500 people have been recruited in southern Moldova, they have been trained in Rostov, Moscow [Russia], Transnistria and Beltsy.

Bilateral trainings of Naval Forces of Ukraine and USA ‘Sea breeze-2014’ have begun in southern-western part of the Black Sea. The trainings will last until September 10.

The aim of the training is ‘to carry out international operation on establishment and maintenance of security zone in the crisis area’. The maritime component will include 12 ships and support vessels, in particular 5 Ukrainian Navy ships and 2 ships of state border service.

Source: National Security and Defense Council

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