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Big Spring Clean is Here!


Ukrainian Ambassadors of the global initiative “Let’s do it, world” are inviting every Ukranian to join in and become a volunteer in the big cleaning operation on the 23d of April, 2017 at 10:00.

Though the weather outside does not look like spring at all, the big spring clean is what our country most certainly needs. The Easter picnics never fail to add thousands of fresh plastic bottles, disposable tableware and rotting leftovers to the towering rubbish piles. This year, “Let’s do it, Ukraine” activists are planning to radically tackle this shameful problem. A massive cleaning will unite 763 987 volunteers from 24 administrative regions of Ukraine.

One of the project’s ambassadors, Ukrainian rap singer Oleksandr Iarmak, urged every Ukrainian to join the cleaning by saying that this is a great chance to become a real hero, go out into the street and clean at least one square meter around.

Another ambassador, famous Ukrainian actress Olga Sumska, says: “I want every Ukrainian to hear about this initiative! Let’s start off with ourselves, our homes, yards, parks, cities … We will tell our children, what is bad and what is good … The most important thing is to care for the cause that will make Ukraine clean and the most beautiful country in the world … Today more than ever we have to take care of the ecology of our native land … This is where we should start any noble cause.”

If you want to find out more about the initiative, just click here

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