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Belbek airbase again controlled by Ukrainian military

KYIV, March 4 /Ukrinform/. Ukraine’s Air Force base Belbek has passed back into the hands of Ukrainian troops, Dmytro Tymchuk, head of the Center for Military-Political Studies wrote on his Facebook page.

“The situation at the airfield was very tense all night long. According to our information, the Russian military after taking control of the airport behaved themselves extremely inadequately. They reacted very nervously on the movement of the Ukrainian military, carried out multiple shots into the air. During negotiations of the Ukrainian command, Russians failed to advance clear claims. Ultimately, the Ukrainian military took control of all objects,” Tymchuk wrote.

According to him, the Ukrainian military held morning formation at the airfield with the presence of Ukrainian and Russian journalists. The Ukrainian military demonstrated that they exercise full control over the parking of aircraft, weapons warehouse, control station.

Russians stood near the weapons warehouse, they made several bursts in the air, but then they moved away.

The invaders still control a runway and a guardhouse.

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