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Battles between ATO forces and terrorists are already at the outskirts of Lugansk

In spite of external peaceful situation there’s some panic among civilians 

Battles between ATO forces and terrorists are already at the outskirts of Lugansk


June 16, 2014 – Correspondent of Radio Liberty: Battles between ATO forces and terrorists are taking place at the outskirts of Lugansk at the moment. Ukrainian militaries approach the city. Fighters resist and, according to the information from witnesses, hide in dwelling blocks of flats.

Civilians heard powerful explosions at night and in the morning. In particular there’s a battle at village Stanytsya Luganska. Considerable part of its inhabitants considers themselves to be Donskie Kazaki that are frequently noticed among terrorists.

Also there was an information that people of Caucasian appearance had been noticed near the village.

One of inhabitants of the village said to the Radio Liberty that she had to hide in basement because of fear to get under fire.

Militants dwell in the university hostel

The fighters don’t waste time and concentrate their powers in the central part of the city. In particular, armed separatists have seized hostels of East-Ukrainian university. The buildings are located in the area close to village Stanytsya Luganska.

Besides, according to news from press centre of Lugansk regional department of MIA, armed people have taken controll of one of buildings of ‘Luhanzkgas’ company and set a machine gun there. The building is located at the outskirts of the city in direction to Shchastya town that have been cleared from terrorists during this weekend and ATO forces now attack from that place.

According to mass media a day before Ukrainian fighters released village Vesela Gora that is 20 minutes ride from Lugansk. This morning there came an information that there had been fight in the same region at Metalist village.

Direction to Lugansk airport could have become another direction for the attack of ATO forces. It is known that Ukrainian paratroopers are located there. They are being constantly fired at. The terrible tragedy of transportaion airplane IL-76 took place there (the plane was shot down by terrorists, 49 people died). There’s no information about the possibility of attack from the airport.

Moods of Lugansk inhabitants

it feels like like life in Lugansk hasn’t changed considerably. Public transport continues to function. Shops are opened, no lack of food is observed. But 24-hours shops now close at 9-10 p.m.

In spite of external peace there’s some panic among the civilians. The sounds of explosions affect them, people who talked to the correspondent of Radio Liberty informed: they are afraid to get under firing because terrorists have set themselves close the dwelling houses. For example, in the university hostel mentioned above.

Lots of civilians either have already left the city for a safer place or plan to do it as quick as possible. Parents try to take their children to safe places. People head in different directions. Some go to other regions of Ukraine, some – to their relatives in Russia.

Source: UNIAN.UA

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