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Battalion “Donbass”: It’s time to move on to “Plan B”, otherwise Ukrainian people will take everything into their own hands

The commander of “Donbass” battalion believes that it’s high time to move on to “Plan B” and cancel a truce with the terrorists


June 24, 2014 

Battalion "Donbass": It's time to move on to "Plan B", otherwise Ukrainian people will take everything into their own hands

Commander of ‘Donbas’ battalion told on his Facebook page: Terrorist organization “Donetsk National Republick” will be raised to the status of “parties at war” and the ceasefire is most likely to be prolonged.

“Cease-fire in order to allow time to terrorists to lay down their weapons, gradually develops into negotiations with terrorists. From both sides of “bargaining” there creators and active participants of the old Ukraine – corrupted, inefficient state that protects the interests of a small handful of thieves and scoundrels. I was surprised and disgusted to see in the negotiations with the flag “DNR” in the background yesterday”- he writes.

Semenchenko considers it necessary to move on to ‘Plan B’, or ‘all of this gathering will be buried’ in ‘Plan C’ that would be sponsored by the Ukrainian people’.

“We hope that the Supreme gives the order to the army to restore order and sweep of whole thing from Donbass”, – concluded the Commander.


Source: UNIAN.UA



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