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‘Azov’ regiment in Shyrokino

‘Azov’ regiment in Shyrokino

Video of special purpose regiment ‘Azov’ defending village of Shyrokino near Mariupol in Eastern Ukraine.

The video is accompanied by rap song in Ukrainian.

Part of its text can be translated into English in the following way:

‘Ukraine, Mother of Heroes, fill my heart with windstorm from the Caucasus and the babble of Carpathian streams, instill in me the battles of Sviatoslav the Conqueror and Father Khmelya, infuse me with the triumphal roar from the guns of the Revolution together with the din of joy from St. Sophia’s bells. Let Thy Glory be reborn and radiate within Thee, for Thou art my life complete and my happiness’.

This video reportage brought to you by non-governmental organization #Babylon’13.

Find more videos on their official YouTube channel  and website .

Source: #BABYLON’13 YouTube channel

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