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Azov regiment attacks near Mariupol

February 10, 2015

Attack of Azov regiment near Mariupol

Azov regiment attacks near Mariupol

Turchynov coordinates the attack

Turchynov coordinates the attack

Secretary of National Security and Defense Council Alexander Turchynov is currently in zone of anti-terrorist operation for control and coordination of the defense line.

Currently he is in Mariupol where Ukrainian forces started an attack at the forces of the enemy.

‘Azov’ has released 3 towns ‘Azov’ has released 3 towns

‘Azov’ has released 3 towns

The regiments of special purpose ‘Azov’ has started release of the settlements located near the town of Mariupol this morning.

The counter-attack operation currently continues. Ukrainian forces aim to return under control positions they should occupy according to Minsk agreement. In addition, the regiment Azov of the National Guard attempts to push the terrorists back to secure the town of Mariupol from further destructive shelling.

According to the press service of special purpose regiment of National Guard ‘Azov’ began active offense operation. They inform about release of towns of Shyrokine, Kominternove and Pavlopol [marked on the map above].

During battles Ukrainian forces destroyed considerable amount of the enemy’s military equipment and personnel.

The sub-units of the National Guard continue attacking positions of terrorists.

Recently Russian-terrorist forces shelled the town Kominternove [which is currently controlled by Ukraine] with multiple rocket launcher ‘Grad’. The number of victims is being specified.


‘Azov’ has released 3 towns

Fighters of Azov regiment in Pavlopol

Source:, Press Center of anti-terrorist operation, press service of Azov regiment

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