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Attempts to establish unified management system of Army of New Russia in Donetsk

October 30, 2014

Donetsk, Debaltsevo and Luhansk – the most active directions of hostilities in Donbas

Attempts to establish unified management system of Army of New Russia in Donetsk

Here is data from experts of Information Resistance group.

Russian-terrorist troops continue active hostilities in Donbas. During the last day there were registered more than 40 cases of shelling.

Donetsk and Debaltsevo directions are the most hot and problematic – 14 and 16 cases of shelling correspondingly. In addition there is Luhansk direction – positions of forces of anti-terrorist operation were attacked 8 times.

In DNR and LNR they make attempts to establish Army of New Russia according to plans of Moscow. Separate armed groups receive the status of companies and battalions. However, the process of organization of unified management system faces a pronounced reluctance of leaders of terrorist groups to obey to single command.

Experts of Information Resistance group register centralization of commandment of artillery fire of the enemy in Donetsk. Unified commandment post of the Russians is functioning in northern part of Donetsk.

Sub-units of Russian troops arrive into one of districts of Donetsk disguised as ‘rebels’ – without signs, badges of chevrons. There have arrived infantry units and airborne units of Russian Armed Forces.

Mobile tactical groups from the Motorized Brigades of Southern Military District of Russian Federation continue to arrive to the settlement of Gorlivka and in two districts in Donetsk.

Experts register arrival of 20 units of artillery systems to the settlement of Volnovakha to conduct reconnaissance of firing positions of Ukrainian troops. 20 units of armored vehicles have arrived to the settlement of Elenivka. The crews of vehicles consist of Russian militants, local fighters serve as infantry.

Artillery groups of the enemy which works in the area of Mariupol has received new means of artillery reconnaissance – both radar and optical. In addition they actively use drones.

Experts of Information Resistance group register convey of corpses of dead Russian soldiers from Donbas to the territory of Russian Federation. The total number of bodies is about 150.

Source:, Coordinator of Information Resistance group Dmytro Tymchuk

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