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ATO General Staff might suspend withdrawal of weapon

March 3, 2015

General Staff of anti-terrorist operation might suspend withdrawal of heavy military equipment in Donbas

ATO General Staff might suspend withdrawal of weapon

Spokesperson of anti-terrorist operation colonel Andriy Lysenko informed this during daily press briefing in Kyiv.

If terrorist fighters continue imitating withdrawal of heavy military equipment Ukrainian side might suspend implementation of this part of Minsk agreements.

According to the latest agreements achieved by the Norman Four in Minsk, both sides of the conflict should withdraw heavy military equipment from demarcation line in course of two weeks.

Lysenko mentioned that currently fighters continue moving their military equipment towards Ukrainian-Russian border and then bring it back later.

‘If the other side continues imitation of withdrawal of heavy equipment, the process of withdrawal by Ukrainian side might be suspended’.

If fighters start shelling positions of Ukrainian troops with heavy military equipment, Ukrainian large-caliber systems will return to their positions.

Meanwhile ATO spokesperson mentioned that currently intensity of shelling along the demarcation line has decreased significantly and mostly has provocative character with usage of small arms.


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