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ATO forces withdrew ‘Uragan’ and expect mirror steps from fighters

March 6, 2015

Ukrainian forces withdrew MRLS Uragan from contact line in Donbas

ATO forces withdrew ‘Uragan’ and expect mirror steps from fighters

Forces of anti-terrorist operation continue withdrawal of artillery systems on implementation of Minsk agreements.

In particular, today all multiple rocket launcher systems 9K57 ‘Uragan’ were relocated from the contact line. Artillery is ready for loading at railway platforms and transportation to specified positions.

During the previous phases of withdrawal Ukrainian Armed Forces relocated 100 anti-tank grenades, 152 mm self-propelled artillery systems ‘Akatsiya’ and multiple rocket launcher systems ‘Grad’.

Ukrainian side demonstrates its readiness for peaceful resolution of the conflict and return to peaceful life. Sub-units of anti-terrorist operation forces expect mirrored steps on de-escalation of situation in Donbas from the opponents.


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