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ATO forces are ready to return to initial positions

February 27, 2015

UA forces will return to initial positions at any moment

ATO forces are ready to return to initial positions

On February 26, 2015 Ukrainian Armed Forces began withdrawal of heavy military equipment from demarcation line in Donbas. However, according to president Poroshenko and other officials, in case the enemy attempts to attack Ukrainian positions, the Armed Forces are ready to return at any moment and repel the attack.

President Poroshenko underlined that the current withdrawal of military equipment is only the first test step of Minsk plan implementation.

He mentioned that even in case of the most optimistic scenario the military threat from the east will exist and demand continuous efforts and strengthening of defense of the state.

We remind that on February 26 Ukraine began withdrawal of 100 mm anti-tank guns ‘Rapira’ and Howizers from the demarcation line. The relocation of military equipment is done under supervising of OSCE monitoring mission.


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