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ATO forces destroyed aviation of terrorists

January 27, 2015

Ukrainian militants destroyed aviation of terrorists

ATO forces destroyed aviation of terrorists

Acting Head of press center of general staff Vladyslav Seleznyov informed about this.

Units of Ukrainian Armed Forces conducted special operation which resulted in destruction of aircrafts and combat helicopters of terrorists.

‘In zone of anti-terrorist operation as a result of conducted special operation aviation of fighters was destroyed. This is the same technique of which the fighters boasted when talking that they had aviation that they planned to use against our forces in the ATO area’, – Seleznyov said.

He did not specify the location of the aerodrome noting that the information in closed.

‘This is the enemy’s equipment. Mi-24 is combat equipment’, – he specified.

ATO forces destroyed aviation of terrorists

In its turn, the Defense Ministry informed that recently units of Ukrainian Armed Forces had destroyed 4 tanks, 9 armored combat vehicles, 4 multiple rocket launchers ‘Smerch’, 12 MRLS ‘Grad’, 18 vehicles, one L-39 plane, 2 AN-2 planes, one Yak-52, 2 yak-50 planes and 4 helicopters MI-24.


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