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Artists support Ukraine


Kyiv, Ukraine. March 19, 2014. The international cultural initiative to support Ukraine facing Russian military aggression has been launched in Kyiv, Ukraine

Artists Support Ukraine is a cultural initiative aimed at turning the attention of international public towards the current situation in Ukraine. After a series of pro-democratic protests, the country found itself facing aggression from Russia, including abrupt occupation of Crimean peninsula, inadequate and biased ideological media-coverage, and straightforward violence.

The online platform Artists Support Ukraine ( is created to unite the global cultural community in order to show its consent with the people of Ukraine. The website will let every artist regardless of their location speak in favour of the ideas of peace and freedom in these difficult circumstances and show their position on Russia’s aggression on the territory of independent Ukraine.


Among the first participants of the project are artists Luchezar Boyadjiev (Bulgaria), Fred Tomaselli (USA), Artur Zmijewski (Poland), artistic group AES+F (Russia), curator and writer Ovul Durmusoglu (Turkey/Germany).

There are many options for expressing the support by means of Artists Support Ukraine platform. Cultural workers and artists may create and send their own messages: text or video statements, artworks, photos, graphic posters etc.


Everyone is invited to download visuals and use them to show their support, or express one’s views applying #supportukraine tag in social media.

Artists Support Ukraine has been initiated by Kadygrob_Taylor Platform for Contemporary art (

Press contacts:

Olga Malysh

+38(093)768 80 83

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