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Artillery of ATO forces destroyed weapon emplacements of fighters near Mariupol

November 25, 2014

Ukrainian artillery has destroyed weapon emplacements of fighters near Mariupol, terrorists in panic abandoned their positions

Artillery of ATO forces destroyed weapon emplacements of fighters near Mariupol

Defense headquarters of Mariupol reports this on their Facebook page.

‘Situation in Mariupol and its surrounding remains under control of forces of anti-terrorist operation. During the night cases of shelling of positions of Ukrainian Army within the M sector have not been registered’, – they inform.

The underline that flight of Russian reconnaissance drones have not been registered due to strong wind.

The defense headquarters also informs that forces of anti-terrorist operation are located on their positions and serve in normal mode. There continues reinforcement and heat insulation of the positions.

In addition, the defense headquarters of Mariupol mentions that yesterday Ukrainian positions kept by ‘Azov’ regiment with Armed Forces of Ukraine were shelled by terrorists. The regiment intelligence carried out a deep raid to determine locations of weapon emplacement of the enemy. Our artillery worked tin response to enemy’s fire. As a result weapon emplacements were destroyed.

According to intercepted terrorist conversations intelligence found out that the fire emplacements were destroyed and panicked terrorists had to abandon their positions.

It should be mentioned that Ukrainian artillery opens fire only in response in order to protect their positions and civilians.


Previously we have informed that up to 25 thousand of fighters and up to 10 thousand of professional Russian militants are located in Donbas.


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