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Arsen Avakov is going to send 100 % of combat and patrol units to the ATO zone

Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov is going to send 100 % of military units to the ATO zone for task fulfilment and aptitude test

Minister wrote about it on his Facebook page

‘I have decided, – 100 % of combat and patrol units of Ministry of Internal Affairs will take part in the Anti-terrorist operation. It’s not only necessity but also an aptitude test, real spirit and patriotism. Temper of the subordinate units in the state of real danger and challenge is one of the factors of creation of new police that would be trusted by the society. Everyone who wanted to ‘slip past’ or stay aside – write report and discharge. Everyone who will past the test with dignity performing his duty will be respected and honoured’ – the minister wrote.

He also said that the special police battalion of patrol service ‘Chernihiv’ was formed of volunteer according to the new program of MIA.

‘The day before yesterday the order about the moving of the battalion to the patrol area in Luhanska oblast was given. 86 men went to the place of service to perform their duty in the anti-terrorist patrolling regime. 21 people refused. They wrote in their reports: ‘We’ve come here to make money, not to risk our lives’. They were fired immediately. They didn’t come to protect Ukraine. They came to get 4500 hrn per month. Such patriots that work for money’, – Avakov says.

In continuation he added: ‘To stop speculation I’ll say at once – helmets, body armour and weapon are in a complete set. Moreover, after arriving to the patrol area in case of battle the fighters of the battalion will be equipped with heavy body armours of the class 5-6. According to my order the soldiers of MIA in the ATO zone will not be allowed to do service without individual protective devices (hard hats and body armours).

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