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Arrest of Savchenko prolonged until September 30

Arrest of Savchenko prolonged until September 30

On request of Investigation Committee of Russian Federation Moscow City Court prolonged arrest of Ukrainian pilot, MP Nadia Savchenko until September 30, it makes 15 months of detention in total.

News agency Unian reports this with reference to their personal correspondent in Russia.

The Investigator said that term of arrest of Savchenko expires on June 30, but this is not enough to study criminal case materials. According to him, the three defenders of Savchenko need time to examine 38 volumes of criminal case. Savchenko herself began reading them on June 2.

The investigator also said that grounds for the arrest ‘has not changed and has not disappeared’, that is why he asked the court to prolong detention to 15 months, until September 30, 2015.

The prosecutor supported the demand.

Savchenko’s lawyer Ilya Novikov reminded to the court that she has immunity from prosecution as delegate to the PACE and provided relevant documents.

In addition, he underlined that according to Russian law, an application for extension of the arrest for more than 12 months must be initiated by leaders of Investigation Committee, which had not been done.

Savchenko emphasized that she doesn’t understand why she is still under arrest because there are no ‘hints on her guilt’.

Pilot said that she sees all the same faces in court that come to cheer her up.

‘I might never know your names, but I will never forget your eyes. Thank you for your coming. I bow to you for your honesty and for not being afraid. Glory to Ukraine’, – Ukrainian pilot said.


Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko was kidnapped in Donbas in summer 2014 and then taken to Russia. In Russia Savchenko was accused of involvement in murder of Russian journalists. However, according to Savchenko’s defense, she couldn’t be involved in murder because she had been kidnapped before the journalists died.

On October 26, 2014 Nadia Savchenko was elected Member of Parliament during preliminary elections. Later Verkhovna Rada delegated her to PACE.

On April 24 this year Investigation Committee of Russian Federation put forward final charge of alleged involvement in murder of 2 or more people and illegal border crossing.

On May 21 Savchenko’s lawyer Mark Feigin informed about termination of preliminary investigation. He mentioned that Savchenko is charged of three crimes: involvement in murder, illegal border crossing and attempted murder of five persons. The last charge means citizens who survived after shelling during which 2 Russian journalists died.


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