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Appeal by Yulia Tymoshenko to the US Congress


– I appeal to members of the US Congress to take all possible steps to support Ukraine, defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity, especially taking into account the conclusions of the recently published Interim Report of Gen. Wesley K. Clark and Dr. Philipp A. Karber “Immediate Improvements Needed in Rapidly Implementing US Military Assistance for
Defense of Ukraine”.

It is obvious that Russia’s aggression has not only economic and political but a military component. Therefore, Ukraine needs comprehensive aid. In particular, this concerns military and technical aid that, in my view, should include air defense and anti-armor equipment and assistance with training of military personnel.

I fully support the recommendations of the Interim Report of Gen. (ret.) Wesley K. Clark and Dr. Philipp A. Karber, namely:
– A “Force Multiplier” criteria applying a ban on support equipment that is not lethal (neither a weapon nor ammunition) needs to be dropped immediately; in particular, we need communications equipment, aviation fuel and other military equipment to defend our country;
– to make Ukraine a priority and immediately appoint a high-level official with military experience who will become a responsible person for the US military assistance to Ukraine;
– to provide Ukraine with professional advisory support on military and national security issues.

Moreover, I welcome the final document of the Geneva meeting of Ukraine, EU, US, and Russian Federation representatives as the first step in the right direction. But I would like to stress the importance of its urgent implementation and a proper verification. In case, within the next two-three days Russia does not begin de-escalation and does not stop the aggression, I call the US together with the EU to strengthen comprehensive sanctions and to take measures to increase assistance to Ukraine.

If Ukraine is allowed to be dismembered and Russian aggression, which undermines the whole system of international law, to go unanswered, it will be the catalyst for ruining regional and global security.

No time to wait. Each hour can become fatal for the existence of an independent and free Ukraine. I call you to act!

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