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Anton Herashchenko: on the basis of “Donbas” troop another battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine has been created


On the basis of the first troop of volunteer battalion “Donbas” a special forces battalion “Donbas” of the National Guard of Ukraine has been created. It was the information Minister of the Interior’s adviser Anton Herashchenko has given during his media briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

A special forces battalion is organized as a “new type” military unit with minimal bureaucracy and preserving the command structure. Enlistment will be carries out through acceptance board involving veterans of volunteer formation. Training program will last 3 to 4 weeks, with active mission profile taken into account. Навчальна програма триватиме 3-4 тижні та буде враховувати специфіку виконуваних завдань. The adviser informed that local inhabitants form the ground of “Donbas” battalion and its strength amounts to 300 people. Main battalion missions are as follows: conducting intelligence, anti-sabotage and attack operations; participation in protection of the border from sabotage and terrorist mobile groups.

Battalion chief Semen Semenchenko received a proposal to create a new National Guard subdivision from the Minister of Internal, Arsen Avakov. «It is necessary to join effort of the state and public-spirited citizens who team and oppose terrorists. At present we are able to arm and equip all the members of battalion, teach them embattling principles and coordinate them with internal military forces. All these steps are necessary for public-spirited citizens to be able to protect our country from external enemy», – tells Anton Herashchenko.

All the battlers of the new special subdivision will serve by contract concluded with the Ministry of Interior. Any previously received military rank will be preserved, and those who did not do military service before will obtain a rank of a private soldier.

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