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Anti-government movements in Ukraine have become new weapon of Putin

December 15, 2014

Russian president Vladimir Putin has changed his tactics concerning Ukraine, now he relies on anti-government movements

 Anti-government movements in Ukraine have become new weapon of Putin

According to Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatseniuk, Russian president Vladimir Putin has hosen another tactics for Ukraine – anti-government movements have become his new weapon.

The Prime Minister expressed this opinion in his interview to French magazine ‘Le Figaro’.

‘Benefit from social movement will now be his weapon, they have to appear in Ukraine in order to subdue the country to dictatorship of the Kremlin, its vision of spheres of influence and great ‘Russian world’, – he said.

Yatseniuk is convinced that Putin will fail to carry out such plans and Ukrainians will consolidate their national independence. What concerns war in Donbas, Yatseniuk ensured that it would have ended in Russian withdrew its soldiers and agents of Federal Security Service from the territory occupied by pro-Russian terrorists.

Prime Minister of Ukraine underlined that the Kremlin itself does not comply with Minsk agreements which appeared due to its initiative.

‘However the idea of Minsk agreements belongs to Putin, later he turned 180 degrees and refused to implement them’, – Yatseniuk reminded.

According to him, president of Russian Federation does not need independence of separatist republics in Eastern Ukraine. On the contrary, he needs the frozen conflict that would allow Kremlin to influence the policy of Kyiv.



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