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Another Ukrainian patriot strapped to pillory in Donbas

October 7, 2014

Separatists strapped to pillory in the town of Zuhres Donetsk oblast

Another Ukrainian patriot strapped to pillory in Donbas

In the settlement of Zuhres-2 in Donetsk oblast separatists have strapped a man to pillory. They call him ‘the punisher’.

Separatists inform about this on their pages in social networks.

Terrorists claim that the detained man is a volunteer of battalion of territorial defense with a call sing ‘Zuhres’.

‘He was detained at home where he came to relax and treat his damaged foot wounded in fights near Ilovaisk’, – separatists inform.

We remind that previously separatists stripped to pillory and beat a woman in Donetsk.

Persecution and torture of Ukrainian patriots on Donbas


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