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Another Ukrainian MP and PACE delegate detained in Russia

March 2, 2015

Oleksiy Goncharenko is the second Ukrainian Member of Parliament and PACE delegate who was detained in Russian Federation


Another Ukrainian MP and PACE delegate detained in Russia

His T-shirt has photo of murdered Borys Nemtsov and inscription ‘Heroes do not die’

Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses strong protest against detention of Ukrainian deputy Oleksiy Goncharenko in Moscow. They claim this in an official statement.

‘These actions are not only violation of basic human rights but also contradict to international obligations of Russia about respect for the status of member of Parliament and the national delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Olexiy Goncharenko along with Nadia Savchenko is the second Ukrainian MP and PACE delegate detained in Russia’, – the MFA informs.

In its statement MFA demands immediate release of Oleksiy Goncharenko, cease of repressions and persecution on false accusation against all Ukrainian citizens that are illegally kept in Russia.

Ukrainian MP and PACE delegate Oleksiy Goncharenko was detained in Moscow during mourning march for murdered Russian oppositionist Borys Nemtsov. According to investigation committee of Russian Federation Ukrainian citizen Goncharenko was questioned about criminal case concerning crimes committed against Russian citizen during tragic events in Odesa in May 2014.

Later lawyers of Nadia Savchenko Mykola Polozov and Mark Feigin informed that Goncharenko had been released and went to Ukrainian embassy in Russia.


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