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Another humanitarian convoy from Russian – 170 trucks this time

Trucks with ‘humanitarian load’ are ready to leave for Luhansk

Another humanitarian convoy from Russian – 170 trucks this time

Another humanitarian help of Russian Federation will consist of about 170 trucks. According to one of the drivers of the humanitarian convoy, the truck will carry food, medicine, generators and other goods.

‘The third convoy will consist of about 170 trucks. It is ready to leave’, – the driver said. According to him about 2 000 tons of load will be carried to Ukraine. Also, trucks will bring about 300 generators and 30 tonnes of medicine.

Currently, the convoy is located near the town of Kamensk-Shakhtinskiy in Rostov oblast [Russia] and is being prepared to go to Ukraine.

Previously media reported that Russia wants to send the third humanitarian convoy until the end of this week.

We remind that the first humanitarian convoy came to Luhansk in August. The second humanitarian load was delivered on September 13. Both times convoy crossed the Ukrainian border with violations of agreements. Ukrainian customs officers should have examined the trucks and it should have been accompanied by the Red Cross representatives.

According to National Security and Defense Council, the trucks of the first humanitarian convoy on their way back to Russia carried away equipment of Ukrainian plans. Some trucks of the second convoy carried military vehicles.


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