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Another ‘Humanitarian convoy’ goes to Ukraine

Another ‘Humanitarian convoy’ goes to Ukraine

This time it is said that columns of 120 vehicles catties food, books and building materials.

Column of Russian Emergency Ministry vehicles goes to Donbas. Russian Center of Crisis Management informs about customs registration of loads on the border.

Previously the column divided into two equal parts to pass customs examination in two checkpoints – Matveev Kugran and Donetsk. Then the columns will go towards Donetsk and Luhansk.

According to Russian services, 120 trucks of ‘humanitarian convoy’ carry more than 1.4 thousand tons of food, living essential goods, textbooks for students and building materials.


Russian Federation has been sending the so-called ‘humanitarian convoys’ to Ukraine since summer 2014. Content of white humanitarian trucks is unknown because Ukrainian border guards, customs service and even Red Cross representatives have never had a chance to examine them.

Russian side always assures that trucks carry food and living essentials to Donbas.

However, it was registered multiple times that intensity of terrorist shelling increased significantly after arrival of every other ‘humanitarian convoy’.

National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine says that all Russian Humanitarian convoys are coverage for delivery of military cargos for armed fighters.

This convoy is already 24th.

The previous convoy #23 crossed Ukrainian border on April 2.


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