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Another day of dynamic ceasefire cost Ukraine 5 lives

February 17, 2015

5 soldiers killed during the next day of ceasefire

Another day of dynamic ceasefire cost Ukraine 5 lives

Spokesperson of anti-terrorist operation colonel Andriy Lysenko informed this during press briefing in Kyiv.

In course of the last day 5 Ukrainian servicemen were killed and 9 got wounded.

The situation is most difficult in the town of Debaltseve. There are fierce battles and information coming from different sources is sometimes contradictory.

It is not clear yet whether Russian-backed terrorist forces managed to seize Debaltsevo train station. We’ll confirm information as soon as reliable information appears.

Journalists inform about difficult situation in Debaltseve. Fighters of ‘Kyiv Rus’ battalion ask for help claiming they wouldn’t hold on for more than 2 hours without aid.


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