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Another batch of ‘combat’ Buryats have arrived to Donbas

Another batch of ‘combat’ Buryats have arrived to Donbas

On April 2, 2015 600 servicemen of Russian Federation arrived to Donetsk. The place of their permanent location is Republic of Buryatia which is part of Russian Federation.

Deputy Commander of anti-terrorist operation colonel Valentyn Fedychev informed this.

According to him, sub-units of armed forces of Russian Federation behave rudely, they occupy the best administrative buildings in the center of Debaltseve without agreement with occupation government.

For example, one of buildings at a railway station was occupied. As of April 3, office automation was delivered there, large group of Russian officers hosts the building. In addition, they organized checking of people, documents and transport on departure from Debaltsevo, Horlivka and Yenakievo.

Colonel Fedychev also informed that Russian special purpose military unit (saboteurs) is located on the territory of Donetsk research plant.

A training camp to prepare saboteurs from local resident has been organized on the territory of Makiivka penal colony #32. Fedychev said that instructors of fire, special and saboteur training are officers of Russian Armed Forces.


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