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Another 84 soldiers have got out of encirclement in Ilovaisk

September 1, 2014

84 soldiers including 4 women got out of encirclement in Ilovaisk

Another 84 soldiers have got out of encirclement in Ilovaisk

This was reported by Advisor to Head of Ministry of Internal Affairs Anton Herashchenko. Previously it was reported about 2 battalion commanders and another 14 soldiers who had got out of encirclement. For more than week soldiers of Ukrainian armed forces and volunteer battalions remained encircled by pro-Russian separatists and armed forces in Ilovaisk [Donetsk oblast, Ukraine]. On Friday Russian president Vladimir Putin offered to make corridor so that Ukrainian armed forces could leave the town.

Despite the fact that Ukrainian armed forces were moving with captured Russian soldiers and despite the officer’s promise that Russians gave the column was shelled.

According to one of commanders who managed to get out of encirclement terrorists (mostly they were professional Russian soldiers of regular army) fired at soldiers with everything they had – tanks, mortars, ‘Grads’, machine-guns. Then they swept the territory to kill the wounded.

According to commanders several hundred people were killed. Those who survived mostly were captured. Some of them have already been returned.

Currently process of liberation of soldiers from encirclement continues.


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