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Anniversary of Maidan is celebrated in Ukraine today

November 21, 2014

Toda Ukraine celebrates Anniversary of the Maidan

Anniversary of Maidan is celebrated in Ukraine today

The holiday has been initiated by decree by President Petro Poroshenko from November 13, 2014.

Head of state underlined the importance of this celebration.

‘Ukraine is a territory of dignity and freedom. Not one but two revolutions made us like this – our Maidan in 2004 which was the Feast of Freedom and Revolution 2013, Revolution of Dignity. This was an extremely hard exam for Ukraine, when Ukrainians demonstrated their Europeanness, dignity, their desire for freedom. For me, as President of Ukraine, it remains only to attest it and sign a decree about the Day of dignity and freedom that Ukrainian would be celebrating on November 21 from now on forever’.

Anniversary of Maidan is celebrated in Ukraine today

We remind that on December 30, 2011 formed president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych with his decree abolished celebration of Day of Freedom which since 2005 had bee celebrated on November 22, the day when the Orange Revolution had began.

Meanwhile Yanukovych signed a decree according to which the Day of Freedom was rescheduled for January 22 when Ukrainian people traditionally celebrate Unification Day to commemorate the proclamation of the Act of Union of Ukrainian People’s Republic and Western-Ukrainian People’s Republic that had taken plane in 1919. According to this decree out state celebrated Day of Unification and Freedom of Ukraine on January 22.

In late November 213 the refusal of Ukrainian government to sing Association Agreement with European Union became the reason of appearance of the most massive protests in the whole history of our state. In particular, on November 21, 2013 the Ministry Cabinet decided to suspend preparation process for signing of Association Agreement between Ukraine and European Union that was to be signed on November 28-29 during Vilnius summit of ‘Eastern Partnership’.

Anniversary of Maidan is celebrated in Ukraine today

After beating of dozens of students on the Independence Square in Kyiv by Special Forces of ‘Berkut’ on the night of November 30 hundreds of thousands of people went to the streets in different cities of Ukraine.

Protest which lasted from late November to late February 2014 were named Euromaidan, Maidan and later – Revolution of Dignity. As a result, after massive killing of unarmed citizens on Independence Square in Kyiv, President Yanukovych escaped to Russia.

Parliament of Ukraine took the full power and appointed presidential elections for May 25. Petro Poroshenko won the elections and on June 27 signed the Association Agreement with EU.

On October 26 Ukrainie elected new parliament which was also one of chief demands of Revolution of Dignity.



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