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Anna Hulevska-Chernysh: 15 million UAH from the funds raised have already been spent to treatment of the wounded and support of the families of the Hundred of Heaven heroes


Kyiv, May 30, 2014 – «Out of 55 million UAH, transferred to the accounts of “Cis-Irpin Community Fund” around 15 million UAH have been distributed and spent as of today. Therewith, 5.5 million UAH was given to 58 families of the fallen in Maidan in view of 100 thousand UAH per family, and 10 million UAH was spent to treatment of the wounded», – informed Anna Hulevska-Chernysh, director of Ukrainian forum of charity-providers, during her media briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Center, giving comments of distribution of funds raised for support of the families of the fallen heroes of the Hundred of Heaven.

What pertains to the sum of 41 million UAH which remains in the Fund’s accounts, according to Mrs. Hulevska-Chernysh, «the next week an expert council will take place, redistributing this sum between the families of the heroes of the Hundred of Heaven, and the funds will be transferred to their accounts by the end of June».

Anna Hulevska-Chernysh drew attention to the fact that in compliance with current Ukrainian legislation individual income tax amounting to 17% is to be paid from every transfer of sums which, in her opinion, which has an adverse effect on voluntary service organizations activity and complicates fund raising not only to help those who had suffered at Maidan, but also for army needs, internal migrants support etc.

At the same time, as Mrs. Hulevska-Chernysh commented, «during last two months we faced a real attack on charity-providers. Law enforcement agencies, people’s deputies and certain individuals are literally flooding us with letters and inquiries on submitting the information on use of funds. Director of “Cis-Irpin Community Fund” has been providing accounts and supporting documents to controlling and law enforcement bodies for two weeks already, despite the fact that copies of all invoices are publicly available at “Cis-Irpin Community Fund” website as well as on Facebook page of the Center of support of suffered in Maidan “Family Maidan”, where everyone who wishes to do so, can inspect them. «Such inquiries not only undermine the Fund in the eyes of the public, but also put in doubt further development of any charitable initiatives in Ukraine», – she added.

In general, by Mrs. Hulevska-Chernysh’s estimate, approximately 200 million UAH were transferred by individuals, companies and legal persons to support the fallen and injured at Maidan, for army needs through phone calls and text messages to 565 number, and also through social networks to such initiatives as “People’s Hospital”, “Help to those who had suffered in Kyiv”, “Help to the army” etc. during last 4 months.

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