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Andriy Magera: the elections of the President have taken place and it is an indisputable fact


Kyiv, May 26, 2014, 14:00 – Based on delivered to the Central Election Committee protocols as of this moment Poroshenko keeps the lead by the number of votes, Yuliya Tymoshenko comes in second and Oleh Lyashko takes the third place. This is the information Andriy Magera, deputy head of the Central Election Committee of Ukraine, provided during his media briefing in the Ukraine Crisis Media Center.
«According to my experience, there is certain trend and I do not believe it will change. Nevertheless, the Central Election Committee will acknowledge official election results on the basis of hard-copy protocol handling», – added Mr. Magera. Maximum period envisaged by law for the posting and publication of results amounts to 13 days. Mr. Magera assured that the Central Election Committee will try and post the results as quickly as possible “but it will majorly depend on how fast and qualified our territorial and precinct election committee colleagues’ performance will be».
According to Andriy Magera’s estimates, the 2014 elections of the President of Ukraine were free and clear. Equal conditions were created for all the candidates. «I believe that it is due in no small part to the top government institutions. Close cooperation with the Central Election Committee took place, without interference into the Central Election Committee’s authority itself».
While giving comment on the «Russia 1» TV-channel news item on Dmytro Yarosh’s leading position in the presidential elections, Mr. Magera stated: «Disinformation presented by Russian mass-media is a component of a certain chain, certain events that were to take place. The first moment was publication of certain information by Russian mass-media. The second one – influencing the communication channels through which information is delivered to the Central Election Committee. Yesterday we studied this situation closely, involving the Security Service of Ukraine. There are periodical penetration attempts, but the Central Election Committee website or “Vybory” (“Elections”) system have not been discredited in any manner, they are functioning in normal operation and we are constantly receiving results», – emphasized Mr. Magera.

«The elections of the President have taken place and it is an indisputable fact. If someone outside the territory of Ukraine states the contrary, he should take closer examination of the situation», – underlined deputy head of the Central Election Committee.

Responding to the question on any infringement during the elections, Mr. Magera stated: «During the electoral process there were or could have been some signs of the electoral process infringement, but, in my opinion, these infringements could not influence the elections result in itself. The latter does not mean we should not react to these. We will using all means available, including appeal to the law enforcement bodies, should the grounds be».

Mr. Magera also provided brief analytics of all the Presidential elections in Ukraine. When compared to the previous elections, the elections of the fifth President of Ukraine might become the second case in history when there will be no need for the repeat voting. Only elections of the first President happened in one round in the history of independent Ukraine. On the contrary, all the other elections in 1994, 1999, 2004 the second round was to be held. The only unique case in history happened during the 2010 elections, when the elected President of Ukraine did not represent the majority in reality. Only 49% of voters participating in the elections cast their vote in his support.

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