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Andrey Magera: “Elections on May 25th will be legitimate”


Kyiv, May 22th, 2014 – Regardless of the number of voters at the electoral districts, the presidential elections will be recognized as legitimate not only by the Ukrainian side, but also by the world community. It was declared by Andrey Magera, Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine during a briefing at the Ukrainian media crisis center.

According to the CEC, as of today all precinct election commissions are ready for the elections. Regarding the situation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, it remains unchanged. The state register bodies are being captured and released at certain intervals. According to Andrey Magera, at this point in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions 12 state registries are being captured.

Commenting on the question if it’s possible to make a voter lists duplicate for these polling stations, Maguera said that the main problem is not the existence of duplicates (which can be done without problems), but the ability to ensure their safety and to whom they will be transferred.
International community will monitor the elections carefully. According to Mr. Magera, the presidential elections will be attended by international observers from 19 countries and several international organizations. In total more than 2 thousand international observers will participate in this election. Therefore, according to Andrey Magera, the elections will be recognized as legitimate.

Another problem arose with the registration of Russian observers. Thus, the CEC refused to register the representatives of the Russian Federation. Today, however, it became known that the Kyiv Court of Appeals upheld the claim of the Russian side.

With separate calling Andrey Magera appealed to international observers. According to him, in order to avoid unforeseen situations and ensure safety, the international observers should inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as representatives of the law enforcement agencies in advance of their intent to be present in the Donetsk and Lugansk region.

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