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An ecological disaster can happen in Donbas because of terrorists

July 23, 2014

There’s a critical situation in Avdeevka Coke Chemical plant due to damaged power lines.

There's a critical situation in Avdeevka Coke Chemical plant due to damaged power lines.

This is reported on Facebook by group ‘Peaceful Donbas’.

‘The plants gets power supply from 1 power lines of 4. The other three are damaged as the result of battles’, – they inform in the group.

They also mention that it is necessary to stop battles close to the plant and provide corridor for repair works.

The representatives of the group ‘Peaceful Donbas’ know from their own sources that ‘Ukrainian soldiers are ready to stop firing from their side and give possibility to connect broken lines. It is unknown whether the militants are ready to stop shooting’.

It is also underlined that there are lots of mines close to the power lines. Even when the firing is ceased the territory should be cleared by deminers before electricians can start repair work

‘Ukrainian sappers are ready to do it if snipers and ‘Grad’ systems of DNR stop firing from their side’.

They also claim in the group that if ‘power supply of the plan is not restored soon and the last power line is damaged it can lead to terrible technological and environmental disaster. As a result not only civilians and participants of the hostilities might suffer, but everyone who lives close to the place.

The plant is located close to Donetsk itself. In case of complete de-energize harmful and toxic substances like ammonia, phenols, thiocyanate and the others might penetrate into atmosphere and water. The cloud of coke gas might fly in any direction killing every living thing in its path’.

‘Peaceful Donbas’ claims that power engineering specialists and metallurgists hope and expect that all leaders and commanders of terrorists have enough common sense and self-preservation instincts and they’ll be able to stop battles close to the plant in order to prevent their own ‘Chernobyl’ in Donetsk region. There’s almost no time to save plant and people’.


Source: UNIAN.UA

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