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An anti-record of ‘Gazprom’ on gas supply

July 17, 2014

Due to cessation of gas deliveries to Ukraine ‘Gazprom’ had to reduce gas extraction.

An anti-record of 'Gazprom' on gas supply


According to experts it results in $50-60 million revenue shortfall a day and year-end earnings may be reduced by 5% (about $7.7 billion).

According to ‘Gazeta.Ru’ a significant reducing of gas supply to foreign countries was recorded. On July 14 was recorded the minimal volume of gas production during the last 10 years – 882.8 million cubic meters. The last year minimum was 1044,5 million cubic metres, and the last anti-record was set in the crisis year 2009 – 891,7 million cubic metres.

The main reason for decline in gas production was the cessation of deliveries to Ukraine. On June 16 ‘Gazprom’ established prepaid scheme of supplies for Ukraine. Since that moment Ukraine didn’t receive Russian gas (there’s only transit to Europe through Ukrainian territory). Thus gas supply of ‘Gazprom’ declined by about 100 million cubic metres per day.

Source: UNIAN.UA


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