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Ambassador of France to Ukraine: Association with Ukraine is the Most Extensive Agreement with a Third Party in the History of the EU

Kyiv, March 20, 2014 – “Exactly four months after the previous Ukrainian government refused to sign the Association Agreement with the EU, tomorrow, on March 21, the political part of the Agreement will be signed. This Agreement is the most extensive treaty the EU had ever signed with a third party”, says Alain Remy, the Ambassador of France to Ukraine. “For Ukraine this is the final stage before joining the EU”.

According to Mr. Remy, EU is ready to support Ukraine in spirit as well as with financial assistance. He referred to 15 billion US dollars, which the EU is going to provide as a developmental assistance. In return, the EU expects the Ukrainian government to take clear-cut actions: de-escalation and disarmament of informal armed groups in favor of concentrating the force within official military structures, and decentralization of governmental powers.

The Ambassador expressed his hopes that Ukraine is going to wage an uncompromising war on corruption in the nearest future, which will restore the country’s attractiveness to foreign investors.

Speaking to the issue of the EU sanctions against Russia, Mr. Remy said the existing sanctions take into account the possibility of dialogue with Russia, as de-escalation of conflict is now the top priority.

Alain Remy – Ambassador of France to Ukraine, diplomat, doctor of sciences in international economy.

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