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Almost all militants that participate in anti-terrorist operation in Eastern Ukraine will need psychological help

November 27, 2014

98% of servicemen in ATO will require psychological help

Almost all militants that participate in anti-terrorist operation in Eastern Ukraine will need psychological help

‘About 98% of militants that participate in anti-terrorist operation will require psychological help after termination of hostilities. We have derived this data taking into account international experience and different scientific researches’, – explained representative of psychological service pf National Guard of Ukraine Lt. Colonel Segriy Chyzhevskiy.

He did not tell the exact number of militants that had already asked for psychological help because this data is only for publishing. Currently Ukraine has not yet got programs that would suppose re-socialization of servicemen that have passed through horrors of war. ‘The complex state program of psychological help to militants is under testing. Currently there are many foreign experts in Ukraine, Ukrainian colleagues study their experience’, – added Lt. Colonel Chizhevskiy.

‘We have launched a new project that would help soldiers to rehabilitate. We invite international experts that have experience to join Ukrainian experts, psychologists and trainer. So that Ukrainian experts would learn from their foreign colleagues and later implement their knowledge and skill in work with militants and internally displaced people. Decree on cooperation with military psychologists of National Guard of Ukraine has already been signed by the Commander of the National Guard’, – said the coordinator of the project of Public Platform ‘New Country’ Eugene Lokhmatov.

Karl Plesner, a Danish expert on non-violent communication, spoke about start of cooperation with Ukrainian civilian and military psychologists.

‘Ukraine has not yet got established format of work. We teach and tell how agencies should cooperate, what system work is to be done with participants of hostilities. There is implementation of theoretical knowledge on practice’.

According to psychologist of regiment of special purpose ‘Berkut’ today the chief task is to speak about problems, to talk for the sake of future of every individual and Ukrainian community in general.

Previously we reported that, President Poroshenko believes that Ukraine needs to abandon non-aligned status.


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