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All You Need Is Heart

A heart-shaped monument to the volunteers’ cause, erected in Kiev, will change the way you see the world. More about it in the story from

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart,” said Elizabeth Andrew, an Australian politician. And this is what differs volunteers from other people – their hearts, truly big ones. You might argue that everybody has a heart. There is no doubt about that. And this is precisely why everybody, literally everybody can become a volunteer and do something to improve the world we are living in.

This idea inspired the creators of the commemorative sign, opened in the park in Golosiivsky district in Kyiv. The monument symbolizes the dedication of every indifferent Ukrainian to the common cause of helping our country and its people survive in these challenging times. It is a small stone with a mirror heart. If you look at the mirror surface, next to your reflection, you will be able to see the universal motto “Добро може творити кожний (Everybody can be a doer of good).

The place for the monument was chosen deliberately. The park, where it was established, has been recently re-named as “The Park of the Volunteers of Ukraine”.

“In the future, perhaps after the war, there will be a sculpture dedicated to volunteers, meanwhile we will canalize our energies to improve the park and plant some trees,” says volunteer Elena Suetova, the initiator of the installation of the commemorative sign.

The mirror heart is reminding us that we ourselves must be the change we wish to see in the world.


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