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All buildings in Debaltsevo are damaged

March 4, 2015

OSCE: there is not a single building in Debaltsevo which is not damaged

All buildings in Debaltsevo are damaged

Press-secretary of Special Monitoring Mission of OSCE in Ukraine Michael Botsiurkiv informed this during briefing in Kyiv.

The press-secretary underlined necessity to stop violence because it develops into real catastrophe in some areas. ‘If we speak of Debaltseve, for example, our representatives said that in Debaltsevo there is not a single building which is not destroyed or damaged by shelling’, – he said.

As it was previously reported, Ukrainian troops had retreated from Debaltseve on February 18. despite Minsk agreements signed on February 12, pro-Russian separatists and Russian troops continued assault at this town in Donbas.

Source:, OSCE

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