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Nobody but them – Airborne Forces of Ukraine

Ukrainian Airborne Forces

Airborne Forces of Ukraine celebrated their professional holiday on August 2.

This is the second year when paratroopers celebrated this day at the forefront while defending their homeland.

This infographics created by Ukraine Crisis Media Center  tells about contribution of the Airborne Forces in this war.

In course of this conflict the paratroopers proved their reputation of professional and effective combat units.

Airborne Forces participated in battles for Savur-Mohyla, Debaltseve, Maryinka, they defended Donetsk airport.

In addition, servicemen of the 95th brigade made a long raid into the enemy’s rear in 2014.

In course of the conflict 6 paratroopers became Heroes of Ukraine and were awarded.

In addition, they participated in peacekeeping missions in Kosovo, Iraq, Liberia and others.

Source: Ukraine Crisis Media Center

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