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Agreement of Ukraine and Russian – ‘permanent ceasefire’ – UPDATED

September 3, 2014

Ukraine and Russian has agreed on ‘permanent ceasefire’ Agreement of Ukraine and Russian – 'permanent ceasefire' This is the result of telephone conversation between President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and President of Russia Vladimir Putin. This is reported by Administration of President of Ukraine.

‘The result of conversation is an agreement on ‘permanent ceasefire’ in Donbas. There has been reached mutual understanding concerning steps that would promote establishment of peace’, – it is said in the report. Earlier press secretary of Russian president Dmitriy Peskov informed that president of Russian and Ukraine have reached agreement in view of the situation in Donbas.

Editor: Obviously this news is likely to arouse resentment among patriotic Ukrainian citizens who see no reasons to accept any offers from cunning Russian president. Several days ago about 100 of Ukrainian soldiers died in Ilovaisk because of Putin’s offer to organize corridor for them to leave. The column with soldiers was shelled with artillery, tanks and mortars.

Military expert Dmytro Tymchuk has expressed his point of view concerning this issue. According to Tymchuk there are 2 points to be mentioned.

The first point: if, according to Putin himself, there are no Russian soldiers and mercenaries in Donbas and he has no effect on them, what agreement can be reached with Russian president.

The second issue: what if miracle happens, for the first time in his life Putin will not lie and his troop will stop firing at Ukrainian territory – this would mean that Moscow will begin the process of ‘legalization’ of quasi – states LNR and DNR at Ukrainian territory that would be ruled by Russia. In this case Ukraine is likely to lose Donbas.

The official commentary of the Ukrainian President on this issue is to appear soon.

The Kremlin has changed its mind.

Putin’s press-secretary Peskov reports that RussiaN and Ukrainian presidents couldn’t have agreed on ceasefire. According to Peskov presidents discussed steps that could help to cease fire. ‘Russia can not agree on ceasefire because it is not the side of the conflict’ – Peskov underlined.


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